Why the World Continues to Suffer Without Fusion

Why has it been so hard for us to get serious about such an amazing technology as fusion? People are literally dying for it. Fusion answers the cries of the hungry, the goals of the environmentalist, the needs of those who work to alleviate poverty, and empowers all those who love freedom around the world. So, why has fusion inspired such a pitiful effort and so little research money?

The answer is simple. Exxon Mobil’s profit for just this quarter was $9.25 billion, compared with $6.05 billion in the same quarter a year ago. Total revenue in the quarter was $105.2 billion, up from $89.8 billion in the quarter a year earlier. For the entire year, Exxon Mobil made $30.46 billion in profits, compared with $19.28 billion for 2009. Total revenue for 2010 rose to $383 billion from $310 billion the previous year.

This is just one oil company in the US. Now include all of the other oil companies and all of the oil producing countries across the globe. We can also throw in all the coal production and we see that there is one colossal motivation to keep fusion on the back burner. You can buy train loads of politicians with that kind of money and still have enough left over to tilt the media against fusion. The best tactic has been just to ignore fusion; don’t even bring it up. The petro/coal industry knows if people get wind of what fusion could do for the world’s suffering, we might just get upset and demand it. This is why some politicians refer to fusion as the “F” word of alternative energies. The very word is unmentionable if there is an open microphone.

If fusion is realized, the oil business virtually dies over night. Do you want to find an honest politician? Find one who will fight for fusion. We should say, find one who will continue to fight once things get tempting. There is research ongoing in fusion, but it is wrapped up in International politics and little is actually accomplished. Time tables are not met; goals are not reached, so everything just keeps getting placed further into the future.

The answer to this problem is simple; join your voice with ours and demand that fusion research be properly funded. Tell your friends and coworkers about fusion. If you are a teacher, explain to your class the wonderful things that can happen to the world if it is powered by fusion energy instead of oil and coal. Please forward this Web site to all of your contacts.

We are just beginning this fight. Soon this Web site will have a children’s section, complete with entertaining science videos we are producing to let the next generation know the wonders of a fusion powered world. We will also be adding two blogs; one for the general population to help push the politics of fusion and one for scientists to exchange ideas on the scientific approach to fusion.

Now that you see the possibilities, please help us bring this world changing technology to completion in time for the next generation. We want our children to experience a world with unlimited energy and unlimited dreams.