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Fusion Power Is Close

Nanocomputer.com December 10, 2015 Fusion power is the Holy Grail of energy production – seen by some as a silver bullet for a carbon-neutral future. The failure of the multi-billion dollar ITER project to produce reactor relevant fusion has disappointed scientists and environmentalists. But a batch of small firms like Tokamak Energy believes they’re close to cracking the mystery. The ... Read More »

German plasma success raises nuclear fusion hopes

BBC 11 December 2015 The Wendelstein 7-X machine’s plasma – but nuclear fusion is still years away A German nuclear fusion experiment has produced a special super-hot gas which scientists hope will eventually lead to clean, cheap energy. The helium plasma – a cloud of loose, charged particles – lasted just a tenth of a second and was about one ... Read More »

German physicists see landmark in nuclear fusion quest

Phys.org December 10, 2015 Scientists on December 10, 2015 reported a landmark success at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics in Germany, where physicists generated a superheated helium plasma in a vacuum vessel for one-tenth of a second Scientists in Germany said Thursday they had reached a milestone in a quest to derive energy from nuclear fusion, billed as ... Read More »

A new fusion collaboration for MIT

MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, December 10, 2015 Members of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center celebrate first operations of the world’s largest fusion experiment, Wendelstein 7-X. MIT collaborators (l-r) Eric Edlund, Professor Miklos Porkolab, Seung-Gyou Baek, and Jim Terry flank a graphic of the new Wendelstein 7-X stellarator. Photo: Paul Rivenberg Members of MIT’s Plasma Science and ... Read More »

The first plasma: the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is now in operation

IPP December 10, 2015 A successful start with helium plasma / hydrogen plasma to follow at the beginning of 2016 On 10th December 2015 the first helium plasma was produced in the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald. After more than a year of technical preparations and tests, experimental operation has ... Read More »

Can fusion energy be achieved?

Thought Leader BERT OLIVIER November 30, 2015 Lev Grossman (“Star Power”, in Time, November 2, p. 24-33) calls fusion the “holy grail” of “the quest for clean energy”, and with good reason — it is as elusive as the proverbial unicorn in your garden (with apologies to James Thurber). By this I mean that, although scientists and technologists know what ... Read More »

Prediction: The Private Sector Will Engineer a Fusion Breakthrough in 2016

Fortune.com Matthew Heimer DECEMBER 8, 2015 Billionaire investors are speeding up the pace of energy innovation. Tri-Alpha Energy in Irvine, Calif., has reportedly raised $140 million. Photo: Courtesy of Tri-Alpha Energy The staff of Fortune recently assembled its predictions for 2016. Here’s one of our forecasts. Nuclear fusion has long tantalized humanity as a potential energy panacea—a fuel source that ... Read More »

Flashback: ‘We Are Definitely on the Way’ To Nuclear Fusion, Scientist Says

Newsok.com Mary Jo Nelson Published: December 12, 1982 The United States is “definitely on the way” toward achieving nuclear fusion, called the most promising alternative for freeing the developed world from dependence on imported petroleum. Former Oklahoman William B. Briggs, considered one of the world’s top authorities on nuclear fusion, says a commitment is required by the United States to ... Read More »

Landmark ITER nuclear fusion energy test a decade away

THE AUSTRALIAN NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Construction of the ITER nuclear fusion project in southern France Humanity will wait 10 years for a major trial of a different form of nuclear energy regarded as a game changer in the centuries ahead. So far man-made nuclear energy has involved fission, the release of energy with the splitting of atoms of uranium and ... Read More »

Fusion Power Could Be Here By 2020, U.K. Company Says

NBC/Reuters DEC 7 2015, As world leaders meet in Paris to reach a legal framework aimed at limiting use of fossil fuels and the resulting rises in global temperatures, a U.K. company says it could be as little as five years from making “reactor relevant” fusion, a potential game-changer in energy production. Fusion is how stars produce energy. It occurs ... Read More »

LPP Fusion should be ready for nuclear fusion energy experiments that hopefully eliminate contamination problem by the end of December

Next Big Future December 07, 2015 LPP Focus Fusion has their progress report for December 4, 2015 Preparations for the next set of experiments are accelerating. LPPFusion has received the newly coated vacuum chamber parts back from suppliers in Ohio and NJ. The parts have been coated with titanium nitride in order to minimize the oxygen in the chamber. On ... Read More »

Nuclear fusion in the shadows of clean energy debate

SBS 6 DEC 2015 Open in a full-sized window As conventional clean power options such as wind and solar energy take focus at climate discussions in Paris, scientists around the world continue to work on a more ambitious solution to lowering emissions from energy production – nuclear fusion. For three decades, scientists from a coalition of 35 countries have been ... Read More »

3 Nuclear Fusion Energy Companies for Investors to Watch

Nanalyze December 4, 2015 At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change being held in Paris at the moment, nuclear fusion is being talked about as the ‘Holy Grail’ of clean energy technology. So what is nuclear fusion? Isn’t that what nuclear reactors are all about? Well, not quite. The nuclear reactors we use today to produce energy use fission, ... Read More »

Bill Gates and Tech Billionaires Launch Clean Energy Coalition

By Katherine Tweed, 3 Dec 2015 Photo: University of California Bill Gates will lead a coalition of billionaires and institutional investors to quicken the pace of private sector investment in clean energy. Gates commitment to clean energy preceded the COP21 climate change conference in Paris with the announcement of the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Bill Gates is initially joined by Jeff ... Read More »

Paris Climate Talks: Nuclear Fusion Is The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Clean Energy Technology

International Business Times Maria Gallucci, December 03 2015 Osamu Motojima, the general director of the nuclear fusion project ITER from July 2010 to March 2015, poses with a poster about the project in Cadarache, France, July 28, 2010. Anne-Christine Poujoulat/AFP/Getty Images On a sprawling campus in southern France, a revolutionary kind of power plant is steadily rising from the ground. ... Read More »

Postdoc in Fusion Plasma Physics Simulations

jobbank Frist 24. januar 2016 DTU Physics at the Technical University of Denmark invites applications for a postdoc position in the section Plasma Physics and Fusion Energy (PPFE). The PPFE section leads the Danish participation in the European fusion research activities. We operate and exploit a sophisticated diagnostic at the ASDEX Upgrade experiment. We develop a corresponding diagnostic for the ... Read More »

German fusion machine to kick off in December

ZME Science Dec. 2, 2015 Wendelstein 7-X in June 2015: Commissioning is still under way. Photo: IPP, Tino Schulz The 425 tonne installation took 1.1 million construction hours spread over nine years, but it’s definitely worth it; one by one, all the individual systems have been tested and passed with flying colors – so it’s time to put this whole ... Read More »

Milestone progress on the assembly of JT-60SA vacuum vessel

Fusion for Energy 02 December 2015 340 degrees (nine sectors) of the JT-60SA vacuum vessel assembled and ready for TF coils installation Congratulations to the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA), the Japanese Implementing Agency for Broader Approach activities and F4E partner in the JT-60SA project, for having completed the on-site assembly of nine sectors of the JT-60SA tokamak vacuum vessel! ... Read More »

Picture Fused Energy!

The Bubble JIM HOOVER Dec 1, 2015 The fusion of the hydrogen isotopes, deuterium and tritium, is currently the most efficient reaction we can utilise for nuclear energy sources. Humans worldwide depend on just three fossil fuels for over 80% of their energy needs: coal, oil, and natural gas. Whether eaten, worn, lived in, driven to work, driven for pleasure, ... Read More »

The Dark-Horse Lab That Just Might Figure Out Fusion

Discover Magazine By Tim Folger | January 26, 2011 | Republished here Nov. 30, 2015 It is the energy source that could change the world. It has eluded every effort to master it. But Glen Wurden thinks he knows how to tame the heart of the sun. The Shiva Star facility, located at the Kirtland Air Force Base in Albequerque, ... Read More »

The Wendelstein 7-X fusion device before its first plasma

IPP November 30, 2015 Next week: start with helium plasma planned / hydrogen plasmas are to follow in 2016 With the generation of the first plasma the Wendelstein 7-X fusion device is scheduled to go into operation on time in December 2015 at the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Greifswald/Germany. The experiments will begin with a plasma ... Read More »

Nuclear Fusion Reactor, the dream of unlimited source of clean, cheap energy moving towards reality

myidst.com29 November 2015 Many energy experts believe that nuclear fusion is the only real ‘solution’ to global warming that is capable of producing unlimited supplies of cheap, clean, safe and sustainable electricity. The reactor’s fuel is limitless, hydrogen the element used to create the fusion reaction is the most abundant atom in the universe and could be sourced from seawater, ... Read More »

The New Atomic Age We Need

New York Times By PETER THIEL NOV. 27, 2015 THIS past summer, the Group of 7 nations promised “urgent and concrete action” to limit climate change. What actions exactly? Activists hope for answers from the coming United Nations climate conference in Paris, which begins Monday. They should look instead to Washington today. The single most important action we can take ... Read More »

IPP to develop plasma control system for the ITER test reactor

Research in Germany 27 Nov 2015 Source: Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik The complex software by means of which the ITER international fusion reactor is to be operated and the plasma experiments are to be controlled in real time is to be developed by Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) at Garching bei München in conjunction with the ITER organisation at ... Read More »

Super Laser Providing Temperatures Hotter Than The Sun Could Bring Fusion Energy One Step Closer

Tech Times By Jim Algar November 17, 2015 Researchers suggested that ultra-powerful laser heating materials to 10 million degrees Celsius could create fusion like that occurring in our sun. This technique could bring us closer to fusion reactors providing limitless energy. (Photo : Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) Scientists propose that a new ultra-powerful laser that could heat materials to temperatures ... Read More »

Tech Entrepreneurs Are Investing In Fusion

November 20, 2015 Fusion power has been making a lot of progress lately. That doesn’t necessarily mean any one approach has gotten a whole lot closer to its end goal of useful ignition and net energy production, but that many new, innovative attempts at achieving that same goal have all advanced to a point of general respectability. It used to ... Read More »

Nuclear Fusion: Europe’s Blind Spot

European Energy Review 16 November 2015 By Dr David Kingham A hot plasma in the START spherical tokamak built at Culham Laboratory in the 1990s. START set a world record for the ratio of plasma pressure to magnetic pressure which still stands today. Europe has a great history in fusion research. It was the Englishman Eddington, pairing results from Aston’s ... Read More »

Nuclear materials race is on!

Eureka Magazine Justin Cunningham 14 July 2015 The challenge to produce clean and sustainable power for future generations is an intimidating one. While fusion power offers the tantalising possibility, it is tomorrow’s technology that is at least 30 years away… and it seems always will be. In all reality, however, it will be far more than this, so it’s fair ... Read More »

How Far Can Crowd-funded Nuclear Fusion Go?

IEEE By Mark Anderson 15 Jul 2014 Image: Focus Fusion Society A mockup of the Focus Fusion device, which, according to its developers, will achieve the fusion reaction illustrated in the diagram [below left]. How it will do so remains a closely guarded secret. The inventors of a new, proprietary approach to purportedly low-cost nuclear fusion wrapped a largely successful ... Read More »

ITER fusion project to take at least 6 years longer than planned

Sciance Mag By Daniel Clery 19 November 2015 The multibillion-dollar ITER fusion project will take another 6 years to build beyond the—now widely discredited—official schedule, a meeting of the governing council was told this week. ITER management has also asked the seven international partners backing the project for additional funding to finish the job. It remains unclear whether the project ... Read More »

Clean boron fusion using extreme laser pulses

SPIE Heinrich Hora 14 July 2015 A laser-driven technique to ignite hydrogen-boron fuel offers the possibility of nuclear fusion for clean, sustainable energy generation. For more than 70 years, scientists have sought to harness energy from nuclear fusion as the ultimate sustainable power source. Initially, they considered fusion of heavy and very heavy hydrogen isotopes (deuterium and tritium, or DT), ... Read More »

American Physicist Wins IAEA Nuclear Fusion Prize for Model that Will Help Design Containment Wall

Wednesday 18 November 2015 Richard Kamendje, IAEA Division of Physical and Chemical Sciences Sophia Jane Le Masurier, IAEA Division of Conference and Document Services Robert J. Goldston, winner of the 2015 IAEA Nuclear Fusion Journal Prize Robert J. Goldston, professor of astrophysics at Princeton University and a former director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, has won the IAEA’s 2015 ... Read More »

Major Step Towards Fusion Power Acheived

Published on Nov 15, 2015 Graham Templeton of Extreme Tech reports that the first major fusion collaboration between Chinese and US research teams has released a surprising finding on the future of magnetic confinement fusion: by lowering the distance between the plasma and the wall of the chamber that contains it, they can actually make the system more stable. It ... Read More »

Risky fusion power study pays off by bringing plasma close to reactor walls

extremetech.com By Graham Templeton on November 12, 2015 The first major fusion collaboration between Chinese and US research teams has released a surprising finding on the future of magnetic confinement fusion: by lowering the distance between the plasma and the wall of the chamber that contains it, they can actually make the system more stable. It could let the researchers ... Read More »

Mirror currents in the wall make the most beautiful plasma of all

phys.org Nov. 11, 2015 Groundbreaking US-China experiments continued in September between DIII-D, led by GA’s Dr. Andrea Garofalo (at center), and China’s ASIPP at the EAST fusion program, whose scientists connect via videoconferencing (pictured at left screen). At right is Huiqian Wang, an ASIPP post-doctoral scientist being trained at DIII-D. Credit: Lisa Petrillo/General Atomic The way to increase the power ... Read More »

Super H-mode plasma could greatly increase tokomak fusion power

Next Big Future November 11, 2015 Meet “Super H mode,” a newly discovered state of tokamak plasma that could sharply boost the performance of future fusion reactors. This new state raises the pressure at the edge of the plasma beyond what previously had been thought possible, creating the potential to increase the power production of the superhot core of the ... Read More »

The Long And Short Of Plasma Turbulence

science20.com November 11th 2015 For more than 60 years, fusion scientists have tried to use “magnetic bottles” of various shapes and sizes to confine extremely hot plasmas, with the goal of producing practical fusion energy. But turbulence in the plasma has, so far, confounded researchers’ ability to efficiently contain the intense heat within the core of the fusion device, reducing ... Read More »

Controlled Nuclear Fusion

clivebest.com November 9, 2015 by Clive Best, Ph.D., High Energy Physics If nuclear fusion can be tamed on earth then if offers the potential of limitless energy for the foreseeable future. We saw in the previous post how all the elements on earth were fused in a massive star that exploded before our sun formed. Today all the energy for ... Read More »

Physicists uncover mechanism that stabilizes plasma within tokamaks

phys.org November 10, 2015 A cross-section of the virtual plasma showing where the magnetic field lines intersect the plane. The central section has field lines that rotate exactly once. Credit: Stephen Jardin A team of physicists led by Stephen Jardin of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) has discovered a mechanism that prevents the electrical current ... Read More »

Researchers learn to fine tune tokamak magnetic fields to mitigate damaging energy bursts

phys.org November 10, 2015 Researchers used the rectangular coils shown here to strike the magnetic fields that enclose the donut-shaped plasma. The colors of the plasma denote the different vibrations produced by striking the fields with external magnetic coils. Credit: Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and General Atomics. The swirling plasma in donut-shaped fusion facilities called tokamaks are subject to intense ... Read More »

The future of fusion

The Engineer 9 November 2015 Controlled fusion has the potential to be a long-term energy source. David Kingham explains the next steps The world needs abundant, clean energy. Fusion – with no CO2 emissions, no risk of meltdown and no long-lived radioactive waste – is the obvious solution and has been for decades, but it is so hard to achieve. ... Read More »

How to innovate with nuclear energy. The ITER Project.

ferrovial.com By Kenneth G.Martinez 03/11/2015 The need to find a source of sustainable energy and the commitment to fighting climate change are the main driving forces behind research in the field of nuclear energy. ITER, which means “path” in Latin, is a further step along that path. This is an international-scale experiment, whose objective is to demonstrate the scientific and ... Read More »

Nuclear Fission Works Fine, But Not Fusion. Here’s Why

Wired.com AUTHOR: RHETT ALLAIN 11.05.15 Mechanics work on the research reactor Wendelstein 7-X at the Max Planck Institute for plasma physics in Greifswald, Germany. DPA/ALAMY THIS PAST YEAR has been big for nuclear fusion. First there was the announcement from Lockheed Martin claiming they could have a fusion reactor that fits in a truck. Next there is an announcement from ... Read More »

Time Magazine: Inside the Quest for Fusion, Clean Energy’s Holy Grail

Time Magazine by Lev Grossman Oct. 22, 2015 Time Magazine Cover Start-ups are behind the new push Dr. Michl Binderbauer, Tri-Alpha Energy’s CTO, near the core of his firm’s fusion reactor in Foothill Ranch, Calif. Hydrogen, the universe’s most abundant element, is the fuel for any potential fusion reactor The machine lives in a white building in an Orange County ... Read More »

Joseph Minervini appointed as assistant director of Plasma Science and Fusion Center

EU Noticias 4 November, 2015 Senior research engineer and division head Joseph Minervini, will serve as assistant director of the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center (PSFC), effective Nov. 1. He joins PSFC leadership, including Professor Dennis Whyte (director), Martin Greenwald (deputy director), and Richard Temkin (associate director). “Dr. Minervini brings internationally acknowledged expertise in fusion and magnet technology to ... Read More »

How does fusion power ‘work,’ and will it ever be viable?

Extreme Tech By Graham Templeton on November 3, 2015 If we are to continue advancing as a species and consuming more and more power per person, then there are only two possible endpoints for human power production, and they’re both fusion. Either we figure out how to soak up and use a large portion of the energy falling on the ... Read More »

Nuclear fusion just got a boost with the arrival of this stellarator

Fox News By Michael Casey November 02, 2015 In November 2011 the interiour of Wendelstein 7-X was still open: Visible was the plasma vessel, one of the stellarator coils, a planar coil, part of the support structure and the cryostat together with a lot of cooling pipes and power supply lines. (IPP, Wolfgang Filser) Researchers could be one step closer ... Read More »