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Engerati round-up: IoT, smart grid and smart metering 18 OCTOBER 2016 Small modular reactors (SMRs) are thought to have several benefits for the energy system, writes Jonathan Spencer Jones, content analyst at Engerati. Because of their ‘modular’ nature they should be cheaper and easier to manufacture and install than larger capacity plants and they could for example be a cost effective option for large power users or ... Read More »

India adds energy efficiency to smart cities programme 14 OCTOBER 2016 In India, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) signed a deal with the Ministry of Urban Development to enhance energy conservation and ensure grid reliability. Under the agreement, EESL and the Ministry of Urban Development will supply and deploy the latest energy efficiency technologies at municipal level in cities selected to benefit from the country’s Smart Cities ... Read More »

Japan increases adoption of DR solutions 13 OCTOBER 2016 This week, Japanese utility Kansai Electric Power Company partnered with energy management firm Comverge for the rollout of a demand response programme. The demand response programme will be deployed in partnership with facility management firm Kanden Facilities. In a combined statement, Kansai Electric said the project is funded by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and ... Read More »

ComEd boosts consumer awareness on energy efficiency 11 OCTOBER 2016 US utility ComEd launched its new programme to promote consumer awareness around energy efficiency to improve grid reliability in Chicago. The programme Community Energy Management comprises multiple initiatives to improve consumer knowledge on energy conservation and efficiency technologies. The initiative is designed to help ComEd improve its customer service by helping customers save energy and reduce ... Read More »

Utilities to invest trillions to meet growing energy demand – report 11 OCTOBER 2016 A new report compiled by the World Energy Council (WEC) states that power utilities will need to invest between $35tn and $43tn until 2060 to meet growing energy needs. The report notes that as the global power market shifts away from fossil fuels, significant investment will be required to satisfy demand for electricity, which is expected ... Read More »

Canadian utility secures regulatory approval for AMI rollout 11 OCTOBER 2016 Canadian utility Halifax Water secured approval from the Novia Scotia Utility and Review Board (NSUARB) to upgrade its water meters. The water treatment and distribution firm will replace existing analogue water meters with automated water metering systems as from early 2017 through to 2021. The $25.4 million smart meter project will begin with installation of the ... Read More »

DR programme saves $1.2m for ComEd customers 10 OCTOBER 2016 US utility ComEd has helped its customers save $1.2 million on energy bills since the launch of its demand response (DR) programme Peak Time Savings (PTS) in 2015. The utility firm said it helped its customers reduce their energy bills through the use of smart meters during the 2015 and 2016 months of June through to ... Read More »

Paying it Forward

Future Ready Magazine October, 2015 In a recent National Geographic article,1 two utility customers described their experiences with their prepay electric service plans. For one customer of Polk-Burnett Cooperative in Wisconsin, the plan turned out to be an effective tool for controlling her energy usage. Another customer in suburban Dallas was not so fortunate. In fact, he was greeted by ... Read More »

Louisiana firm to deploy Silver Spring networking platform 7 OCTOBER 2016 Entergy Corporation has selected Silver Spring Networks to provide two-way meter communications and near-real time telemetry for approximately 2.8 million customers. The Louisiana-based energy company Entergy Corporation will deploy Silver Spring’s multi-application IPv6-based Gen5 network platform across its 114,000 square mile territory to provide two-way meter communications and near-real time telemetry for approximately 2.8 million customers ... Read More »

Mexico’s CFE selects Honeywell for grid modernisation 6 OCTOBER 2016 Mexico’s state utility Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) has selected Honeywell to help CFE continue modernising and stabilizing grids in east and southeast regions. Under the agreement, Honeywell will deploy more than 200,000 smart electricity meters, with communications devices and software analytics tool to seven cities in the utilities east and southeast regions. Honeywell has to ... Read More »

North Carolina city selects Survalent to improve network management 5 OCTOBER 2016 The US city of New Bern in North Carolina partnered with advanced distribution management systems provider Survalent to enhance management of its grid network. In a press statement, the Canada-based smart grid solutions firm said it deployed its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in the city’s power system. The SCADA system is expected to ... Read More »

Hawaii Energy commemorates National Energy Awareness Month 4 OCTOBER 2016 Hawaii Energy is commemorating the month of October as National Energy Awareness Month to highlight the importance of improving energy efficiency and conservation. Hawaii Energy is a ratepayer-funded conservation and efficiency programme administered by Leidos Engineering, LLC (formerly known as SAIC). According to Maui Now, Hawaii Energy joins national efforts to spotlight awareness around energy efficiency ... Read More »

Illinois utility accelerated AMI rollout plan approved 4 OCTOBER 2016 In the US, the Illinois Commerce Commission approved Ameren Illinois’ revised smart grid AMI deployment plan. In 2012, the Missouri-based power company received approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission for its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployment plan, which provided for, among other things, deployment of AMI to 62% of the company’s electric delivery customers by 2019. ... Read More »

National Grid uses IoT to balance energy demand and supply 3 OCTOBER 2016 National Grid plans to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to strike a balance between energy supply and demand with increasing RE integration. [Quote] According to National Grid’s executive director, Nicola Shaw, energy intensive household appliances will start using the Internet of Things to operate more efficiently as well as smooth out spikes in demand, which ... Read More »

The electric vehicle: highlight of the Paris Motor Show 30 SEPTEMBER 2016 A slightly different story for today is coming out of the Paris Motor Show, in which the big shift has been the number of electric vehicles available. According to media reports, Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands will launch more than 10 electric cars by 2025 and announced the launch of the EQ concept, an electric SUV which ... Read More »

NIST to release draft IoT-enabled smart city framework 29 SEPTEMBER 2016 The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will release the first draft of its IoT-enabled smart city framework later this year. The framework named the IoT-Enabled Smart City Framework, or IES City Framework, aims to strike the balance between standardization and interoperability, says to Martin Burns, who works in NIST’s Smart Grid and Cyber-Physical Systems ... Read More »

Urbanova founders formally announce collaboration 29 SEPTEMBER 2016 The founders of Urbanova smart city living lab officially announce the formalization of their collaboration. According to a release, the founding members including Avista, the City of Spokane, Itron, McKinstry, the University District Development Association and Washington State University (WSU), have been working to create a living laboratory to design cities of the future in the ... Read More »

New York works toward 100MWh electricity storage target 28 SEPTEMBER 2016 New York City’s mayor has reportedly issued “aggressive targets” for the city’s electricity storage and solar capacity, totaling 100MWh of storage by 2020. Mayor Bill de Blasio has set a target of reaching 1GW of solar capacity by 2030 in addition to the 100MWh electricity storage target by 2020. New York will issue permits for more ... Read More »

Demand charges vs. TOU rates: The great Arizona rate design experiment

Utility Drive By Herman K. Trabish | September 26, 2016 Rate design experts debate APS’s plan to be the first utility with mandatory demand charges for residential customers To cover a utility’s fixed costs, are demand charges or time-of-use (TOU) rates superior? It’s a question on the cutting edge of utility rate design discussions across the country, and one Arizona ... Read More »

Silver Spring expands IoT network in Sweden 26 SEPTEMBER 2016 Silver Spring Networks has been chosen to extend its wireless IPv6 network service for the Internet of Things (IoT) ‘Starfish’ in Stockholm, Sweden. The smart grid solutions provider will expand its public cloud network, data service and internet protocol platform to upgrade Stockholm’s ageing systems. The deal was announced last week at the Smart Cities Summit ... Read More »

Indian utility awarded for smart grid project 23 SEPTEMBER 2016 India power utility CESC Limited was awarded ‘Smart Grid Project of the Year’ at the Asian Power Awards this week. The utility firm serving 2.9 million metering points in the Indian state of West Bengal was awarded the ‘Smart Grid Project of the Year’, at the 2016 Asian Power Awards held on the 21st of September. ... Read More »

Rise in smart grid investments to drive grid automation market Global energy market research firm Technavio predicts the global automation solutions market for the power industry will grow by 9% between 2016 and 2020. Bharath Kanniappan, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on grid automation, commented: “The coal-fired plants may be replaced by natural-gas power plants equipped with critical safety units and innovative automation technologies. This represents significant ... Read More »

Bring your own thermostat demand response programmes –a $3 billion market

Engerati 14 Sep 2016 Utilities must ensure interoperability with multiple thermostat brands and learn to work with vendors more as partners than contractors. Today’s consumers want more choice in how they participate in demand response programmes and what devices they use to participate with the features that they prefer. This is according to Navigant Research which has just carried out ... Read More »

The Apple-ification of the Energy Industry

LinkedIn – Kenneth Munson Published on August 28, 2016 Apple’s App Store changed the marketplace for applications by creating a revenue-sharing model that gave even the smallest developer a potential marketplace of millions. What if Apple did the same thing for energy and created a store where you could sell some of your home’s solar power when it was in ... Read More »

Smart grid drives power distribution market growth 19 SEPTEMBER 2016 A new report forecasts the global electrical equipment market for the power distribution industry to grow by 9% by 2020. The growth of the market will be driven by increased installation of smart grid equipment and technologies such as distributed generation equipment and smart meters. The transformation of the energy sector from centralised generation systems to ... Read More »

Florida city selects FATHOM for smart water management 16 SEPTEMBER 2016 The city of Zephyrhills in Florida has selected FATHOM Water Management’s software solution for improved transparency with access to real time water usage data. FATHOM’s Smart Grid for Water software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will also be used to improve online and mobile account management and bill payments. Smart Grid for Water is an integrated, end-to-end solution including ... Read More »

NYSERDA expands industrial energy efficiency 16 SEPTEMBER 2016 The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced $10 million in funding to ensure grid stability through energy efficiency measures. The funding will be provided to two energy efficiency programmes launched by NYSERDA with the aim of reducing energy consumption and costs in industrial and manufacturing facilities. In a press statement, the NYSERDA ... Read More »

Itron singlephase smart meters receive accuracy certification 15 SEPTEMBER 2016 Itron has announced that it has received an unconditional 10 year initial seal period for its CENTRON II OpenWay singlephase smart meters. According to a company release, Itron is the first smart meter manufacturer to receive an unconditional 10 year initial seal period for its smart metering technology, which it received from Measurement Canada for a ... Read More »

IEEE partners to launch first forum on smart grids for smart cities 15 SEPTEMBER 2016 The IEEE Smart Grid Initiative has teamed up with Think Smartgrids to launch the first IEEE International Forum on Smart Grids for Smart Cities (SG4SC). Think Smartgrids is an an international organisation that supports the growing demand for a reliable smart grids. According to a release, the programme will address the pivotal role of smart grids ... Read More »

US utility forges ahead with smart grid development 14 SEPTEMBER 2016 Pacific Power is continuing to develop its modernisation and smart grid development strategy in a bid to improve system efficiency and provide a cost-effective service. Pacific Power is a unit of PacifiCorp, a utility company serving the western US. The utility said that it has completed, is monitoring, or is developing grid enhancement initiatives that include ... Read More »

Fortis joins utility coalition to promote investment in smart grid 14 SEPTEMBER 2016 North American electric and gas utilities company Fortis joined utility coalition Energy Impact Partners (EIP) to increase investments in smart grid technologies. Energy Impact Partners (EIP) is a collaborative strategic investment firm that invests in companies optimizing energy consumption and improving sustainable energy generation. Through close collaboration with its strategic investor base, EIP seeks to bring ... Read More »

Con Edison expands energy efficiency initiatives 12 SEPTEMBER 2016 US based designer of energy efficiency programmes Franklin Energy has been selected by power utility Con Edison to help customers reduce energy consumption and bills. The Wisconsin-based solutions provider will help Con Edison deploy its energy efficiency programme, ‘Neighborhood’, in Brooklyn and Queens. The two companies will install lighting solutions for utility’s 27,000 residential customers in ... Read More »

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism

By Paul Driessen September 11, 2016 As Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism Winston Churchill called Russia a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. We could say Obama’s energy and climate policy is confusion wrapped in muddled thinking inside obfuscation – and driven by autocratic diktats that ... Read More »

Consumers Energy upgrades distribution network in Michigan 8 SEPTEMBER 2016 US utility Consumers Energy announced its plans to continue modernising its distribution network to improve its operations and customer service in Michigan. The utility firm serving 6.7 million gas and electric consumers in Peninsula counties is upgrading its 29,000-mile natural gas distribution network to enhance its service to some 1.7 million customers in lower Michigan. Commenting ... Read More »

HECO files plans for demand response programmes 7 SEPTEMBER 2016 Hawaiian Electric (HECO) has filed its plans with the Public Utilities Commission to deploy demand response programmes in 2017. The plan falls under the utility’s efforts to shift to 100% usage of renewable energy sources by 2045. HECO’s shift to clean energy sources is aimed at helping the utility meet demand for power during peak periods. ... Read More »

Smart grid adoption to drive global smart meters market 6 SEPTEMBER 2016 The rising demand and adoption of smart grid infrastructure and advanced metering is expected to drive the global smart meters market through to 2020. The ability of smart meters to help utility companies optimise revenue collection and meet mandates set by government regulations will boost the implementation of advanced meter infrastructure. Regulations set by governments include ... Read More »

National Grid plans to extend Worcester smart grid pilot 2 SEPTEMBER 2016 National Grid filed its proposal with the Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to extend its smart grid pilot in Worcester. In a press statement, the utility company said it plans to expand deployment of its Smart Energy Solutions (SES) pilot programme for an additional two years. The company wants to learn more how smart grid technologies ... Read More »

Energy efficiency third largest resource in US power sector 30 AUGUST 2016 analyses the US energy efficiency market following ACEEE’s rating indicating that it represents the country’s 3rd largest power sector resource. According to ACEEE, increased deployment of energy efficiency measures stand as key to a clean, reliable and affordable energy system in the US. With the organisation calling for an increase in programmes to lift consumer ... Read More »

Smart grid investments to grow global ICS security market 29 AUGUST 2016 According to a new report, the increased adoption of smart grid solutions is expected to drive the global industrial control systems security market through to 2020. The ICS security market is expected to grow by 9% between 2015 and 2020. The US is expected to dominate the market. The region is expected to exceed investments of ... Read More »

Landis+Gyr wins WI-SUN certification for meter connectivity 25 AUGUST 2016 Energy management solutions firm Landis+Gyr secured WI-SUN certification for its technology used in automated metering infrastructure solution, Gridstream. In a press statement, the solutions provider said the WI-SUN certification approves that its meter connectivity technology is able to securely connect utilities smart grid networks. The company adds that certification also proves the ability of Landis+Gyr’s network ... Read More »

Smart grid tech improves Georgia Power operations 25 AUGUST 2016 In the US, power utility Georgia Power announced that it has improved its customer service with its investments in smart grid technologies. In a press statement, the firm serving 2.5 million customers in 159 counties in Georgia state, highlighted how smart grid technologies have enhanced its operations and helped ensure grid reliability and enhanced management. This ... Read More »

Global energy management to generate $32.4bn by 2021 24 AUGUST 2016 A new report forecasts the global energy management systems market to grow by 18.8% between 2016 and 2021. The growth will increase market revenue generation from $76.75 billion in 2016 to $32.41 billion by 2021. Factors driving the expansion of the market include increased implementation of policies to adopt energy management measures in a bid to ... Read More »

US city approves expansion of water metering project 23 AUGUST 2016 The city of Klamath falls in Oregon state announced its plan to expand its automated metering infrastructure project to enhance operations of its water department. According to a local publication, the city approved the purchase of water transceiver systems to allow automatic meter reading of some 4,000 water meters in the city. The transceiver units are ... Read More »

US state gov issues $12.6m to boost clean energy use 22 AUGUST 2016 In the US, the Washington state government announced $12.6 million in funding for clean energy projects to promote grid stability. In a press statement, Jay Inslee, governor of Washington state, said the grants will be directed towards funding clean energy projects proposed by five utilities. “With these awards, our leading utilities will demonstrate how to integrate ... Read More »

Texas city enhances utility operations with Nexgrid 22 AUGUST 2016 The US city of Cuero in Texas selected smart grid solutions firm Nexgrid to enhance the distribution infrastructure of its water and electric utilities. In a press statement, the city announced that NexGrid will integrate its smart grid solution, Multi-Mesh, with the city’s water and electric networks. The technology is expected to enhance the operations of ... Read More »

US utilities challenged by rising scams on prepaid customers 16 AUGUST 2016 The increased adoption of prepaid energy services in the US has come with both negative and positive impacts on utilities and their customers. This week, we analyse the benefits and challenges which US utilities and their customers are facing as a result of the shift to use prepaid energy services to simplify their billing systems, as ... Read More »

Hardware segment leading smart water management market 18 AUGUST 2016 A new report states that the hardware segment has thus far dominated the global smart water management market in 2016. The segment comprising of advanced meter reading and automated metering infrastructure (AMI) water meters and water sensors has accounted for over 37% of the market’s overall revenue since January. Smart water meter adoption Revenue generation in ... Read More »

CenterPoint Energy scores highest in customer engagement study 17 AUGUST 2016 CenterPoint Energy has scored the highest Texas among electric transmission and distribution service providers (TDSPs) on residential customer engagement. This is according to the Texas TDSP Trusted Brand and Customer Engagement study, a Cogent Reports study by Market Strategies International. CenterPoint Energy scored score of 721 on a 1,000-point scale. The study was conducted in the ... Read More »

Xylem eyes Sensus in $1.7bn deal 15 AUGUST 2016 US water technology provider Xylem is reportedly nearing a deal to purchase advanced metering solutions company Sensus for $1.7 billion. According to Reuters, the acquisition would make Xylem a key player in the market for smart meters. The news of the possible takeover comes at a time when regulatory requirements and a drive for savings are ... Read More »