A Proclamation to the World

This proclamation was written by Tom Tamarkin July 2012. Foreign language versions were produced by professional translators in Israel, Russia and Peru.

 A Proclamation to the World – English

Arabicبيان إلى العالم من الشعبين الامريكي والاسرائيلي
(A Proclamation to the World – Arabic)

SpanishProclamación al Mundo de parte de los Pueblos de Estados Unidos de América
(A Proclamation to the World – Spanish)

Russian Заявление для всего мира от имени американского и израильского народов
(A Proclamation to the World – Russian)

2001 Fusion Energy Statement on Policy & Petition Signed by 200 Ph.D. Scientists Urging Accelerated Fusion Development

Realizing the Promise of Fusion Energy; Final Report of 2001 to FESAC as Updated March 5, 2003

ANS: FUSION ENERGY Position Statement Revised June 2008