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What is Fusion?

Fusion is the process that works within the sun to turn matter into energy. It is a different kind of fire that takes a little bit of fuel and turns it into a huge amount of energy. This is why the sun doesn’t just burn out after a few years. Fusion is unlimited energy for us all.

Will Fusion Bring Paradise To Earth?

No, fusion alone will not bring paradise to Earth, but of all of the technologies that are within our reach, fusion is the only one with the promise to take us a long way toward this goal. Are these the thoughts of some ranting lunatics? Not in the slightest; these are the considered thoughts of some of the brightest physicists of our time.

Let’s Work Together To Make A Fusion-Powered World A Reality

Only with the combined efforts of everyone who cares will we see the immense benefits of fusion power come to our world. Review our private placement investment memorandum and consider this exciting project. And be sure to contact us if you have any ideas of your own for taking our planet to the next level with fusion. Thanks for your continued support.

Fusion is the only realistic solution

In 2013 the United States consumed 97.4 Quads of raw energy to produce 38.4 Quads of energy used by consumers and industry. The remaining 60% was lost as heat or thermal rejected energy. That is 1.028 X 1020 Joules or 9.74 X 1017 BTU of expended raw energy. To put that in perspective this equates to the amount of energy produced by 16.793 billion barrels of crude oil burned in one year. Today most of this energy consumed in the U.S. comes from fossil fuels. Read more…

2013 US Energy supply and demand

This Week’s Featured News

Two Google Ph.D. scientists concluded that solar, wind, tidal and the other “green alternative energy forms” as we know them today are “false hopes.” Their work has been published in the prestigious IEEE Spectrum magazine. In the third to the last paragraph they acknowledge the “only realistic solution…is fusion.” Fusion is the engine that can drive the other things in that paragraph, which is highlighted in green for the reader’s convenience. Read the entire article…

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